Our Service

Most mailings require the bringing together of various elements magazine/newsletter, insert(s), outsert(s), carrier sheets and their consolidation into a single item for mailing, at high speed. Often this is handled by machinery and thorough preparation enables this to be done efficiently and safely. Polythene Magazine Enclosing

However, many jobs require manual fulfilment. WMS have dedicated areas set aside for:

  • manual consolidation
  • enclosing/inserting
  • tip ons
  • cover mounting
  • bellybanding, etc.

The work area is well lit and warm for staff to work comfortably and quickly.

printing envelope solutions

Where necessary we utilise specialised equipment for letter folding, letter insertion, and envelope sealing; various envelope sizes can be accommodated.

Our customers mail is distributed worldwide in varying quantities. WMS will make up and/or consolidate as required to meet client requirements. Specific warehouse areas are set aside for such work, and with it being conveniently situated close to Goods In/Out, efficient work practices are always achievable.

We work six days a week, weekends and evening overtime when required. Material can be delivered on pallets from 8.00am till 4.30pm Monday to Friday and outside these times by arrangement.

Factory OverviewPolythene enclosing

We have three STS A3 & A4 high speed polythene enclosing lines with the ability to place up to six machineable inserts or outserts with more by hand if required with the original magazine or mailing piece. The collated items are then enclosed in continuous polythene film and addreses are ink jetted directly onto the polythene, magazine or carrier sheet as required. None machineable covermounts tip-ons and bellywraps are sub assembled prior to enclosing. The completed mail sorted items are then bundled, strapped bagged and labelled ready for the Royal Mail collections.

IT department

Our IT department sort data for Royal Mail Presstream, Mailsort & Walksort services, Down Stream Access (DSA),  hand delivery and our consolidated overseas services. A complete data service including database management, de-duping and data cleaning is also provided.

Laser Letter printing

Our laser printing department provides a complete letter production service, ideal for subscription mailings with single sided or duplex printing onto A3, A4 & A5 paper. We can fold, collate and staple by machine and enclose up to five items automatically into envelopes. We laser print personalised carrier sheets to include the return mailing address, indicia, logo and additional advertising as required.

Hand Fulfilment

Covermounts, tip-ons, belly wraps and other non machineable items are pre-assembled by hand ready for enclosing by hand or machine. Non machineable items and other direct mail pieces are also assembled by hand into self-seal envelopes or polythene bags.

Ph: 01903 761 888  Fax: 01903 761 999  Email: sales@wwms.co.uk